How to get the best Motorcycle Insurance: practical tips

If you want to get the best Motorcycle Insurance , you must take into account several important aspects that can influence the price of the policy and its coverage. Factors such as the type of motorcycle and its displacement, the use that you are going to give it and the choice of the coverages that you really need to drive with adequate protection are decisive.

The time of contracting the insurance is key to get a policy with good coverage for your motorcycle and a cheaper price. It is convenient that you pay special attention in the steps prior to signing the contract and compare different offers to finally get the best insurance for your motorcycle, scooter or moped .

Securing your motorcycle is not just a matter of price
The price is the variable in which we look before. Everybody wants cheap Motorcycle Insurance , and in the market we can find very cheap policies that only include more coverage than the obligatory Civil Liability Insurance to be able to circulate.

The price is important and we must look for the savings when insuring the motorcycle , but we must not neglect the guarantees and the service provided by the insurers.

As you can see, there are several issues to take into account and today we are going to offer you some recommendations that can help you choose the perfect policy for your motorcycle.

The motorcycle will influence the price of the policy
The hiring of an Insurance may be determined by the decision to buy a new motorcycle . In this sense, it is important to note that not all motorcycles are the same in the eyes of insurers and insurance prices can vary greatly from one to another.

The choice of motorcycle, moped or scooter is very personal, and it influences the use that we are going to give you and the expectations we have created with the machine. But if you still have no idea which model to choose, you may find it interesting to know which motorcycles are more expensive to insure .

In this sense, the Insurance focus on the power of the vehicle. The models that have the highest premium are those whose displacement is higher than 500 cc and mopeds that between 75 and 150 cc.

In the case of large motorcycles, with displacements of up to 1,000 cc, the premium is higher because they have a greater number of accidents. Instead, mopeds have the handicap that they are preferred by younger drivers, and that also penalizes the cost of insurance.


The best Motorcycle Insurance also depends on the driver
As with other Vehicle Insurance , the driver is also taken into account when insuring the motorcycle. In fact, insurers examine the profile of the rider to determine the price of the insurance, assessing aspects such as:

Age of the driver
Years of experience with a license
Fines and points of the card
Accident history
In addition to the profile of the rider, other aspects such as the use we give to the motorcycle may have an influence. For example, it is not the same to insure a delivery motorcycle as a motorcycle that we use to get to and from work.

Before signing, look at the Motorcycle Insurance coverages
Having the best Motorcycle Insurance means hiring the right guarantees at the best price. Therefore, one of the things that you must take into account before signing the contract is to analyze what coverage you are going to hire.

This decision will always depend on your specific needs and the use you make of the motorcycle. It is not about having as many more better, but choosing the ones that best suit your needs.

The insurance offers motorcycle can vary from one insurance to another, but in general the bike can be secured with these modalities:

Third Motorcycle Insurance
Third Party Insurance Extended
All-risk insurance with franchise
In addition, each insurance company usually offers a wide range of additional guarantees that can be included in the contract, such as the Helmet Insurance or the fines claim service .

However, it is always advisable to make a comparison between the proposals of different insurers to see what they offer you. Only then can you decide which is the Motorcycle Insurance that includes the guarantees you need and it is cheaper.

Do not forget the loss management when choosing the Motorcycle Insurance
Many times, when comparing insurance policies, we forget an important chapter: the conditions that your insurer establishes when taking charge of an accident.

For example, being able to freely choose the workshop where to take the motorcycle in case of accident or breakdown, or how the insurer will provide us with travel assistance are elements that can make the difference between a good Insurance and a not so good one.

Here too, elements such as the limits of coverage and exclusions come into play . They are aspects that have their importance and can give us an unpleasant surprise, especially when we have to give a part to the Insurance .

Save on the policy with the payment method
How to pay for Insurance can reduce your cost. Keep in mind that the policy can offer different forms of payment, in a single annual fee or in installments , monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Compare Moto Insurance before making a decision
Choosing a good Motorcycle Insurance can become very complicated due to the great offer in the market. Although it takes time, it is convenient to compare similar products and analyze what they offer each other, until we find the best insurance for our motorcycle.

You can also put yourself in the hands of insurance advisors and experts to advise you on the best offer to insure your motorcycle . In our online Insurance comparator we can help you to hire a cheaper Motorcycle Insurance with the guarantees you need.

In addition, our advisors can advise you during the hiring and find an offer tailored to your needs, with the backing of the leading motorcycle insurers . This way you can save time and money, without giving up the best insurance for your motorcycle.

Why do you have to answer a health questionnaire with Life Insurance?

Many people are surprised – and sometimes even annoyed – that the insurance company submits them to a health questionnaire when they take out Life Insurance . In this questionnaire the insurer asks the client for information about their health status and their life habits, sensitive data that we do not like to share. Today we will tell you why they do it and what is the importance of this questionnaire for the coverage of the policy.

There is a reason that justifies this questionnaire: the risk assessment . Life Insurance has as main guarantee the payment of an economic compensation to the beneficiaries in case of death of the insured, either due to illness or accident.

The risk of death is higher when certain circumstances occur, and the insured must inform his company. Factors such as age, health status, profession, the practice of risky activities or adopting certain lifestyle habits such as smoking or sports can influence this risk.


For insurers it is important to know the risk when it comes to insuring a person, and the health questionnaire that they pass to their Life Insurance clients is a way of knowing the factors that can influence that risk.

Is it mandatory to answer the health questionnaire with Life Insurance?
It is a question that many Life Insurance customers have asked themselves. Do I really have to answer these questions to get an Insurance? Is it obligatory to answer the health questionnaire when contracting a policy?

Well, the truth is that if the insurer proposes a previous questionnaire to know the state of health of the insured, he has the duty to answer it truthfully.

The Insurance Contract Law , in Article 10, empowers insurance companies to perform this health questionnaire to their clients and obliges those who contract the Insurance to declare all known circumstances that may influence the risk assessment of that insurance. Life insurance.

On the other hand, although it is mandatory to answer this questionnaire if the insurance company proposes to us, the truth is that the rule leaves the choice of the insurer to do so or not.

In this sense, the Law exempts from this duty to inform the insured when the insurance company decides not to present the questionnaire or when the possible factors that influence the risk are not included in the questions of the questionnaire proposed by the Insurance.

In the same way that the company can obviate the questionnaire, it is possible that the insurer proposes to do a medical checkup in order to obtain more solid information about our health status and avoid problems at the time of collecting the insurance .

In any case, the questionnaire must be composed of clear and concise questions, and limited to the issues that the insurer needs to know in order to determine the risk of insuring its client.

Why is the Life Insurance questionnaire so important?
It is important to be honest when filling out this form, since the law allows the insurer to terminate the contract if it understands that information has been withheld or has not been answered with due accuracy. You have a period of one month to do it.

In addition, the insured person assumes the consequences of the omission of some data from those who ask us in the questionnaire that is key when assessing the risk of the Insurance, such as an injury or the existence of a degenerative disease.

If the insurer shows that there was bad faith, that could have consequences in the payment of the indemnity of the Insurance to the beneficiaries .

The pre-existence in Life Insurance
The pre-existence in Life Insurance refers to cases in which, at the time of contracting the policy, the insured already had pathologies or physical defects that were decisive in his later death.

You can also give pre-existing when these diseases or conditions led to the recognition by Social Security of their absolute permanent disability to work , another of the risks that normally covers Life Insurance. In this post we tell you more about the disability coverage in Life Insurance .

If there is a pre-existence of illness or physical defect , the insurer may deny payment of compensation for this reason. However, it can only do so if that pre-existence was known by the insured at the time he filled out the health questionnaire and did not reflect it in the document, even though he was expressly asked about it.

Should we notify Insurance if our health worsens?
We have talked about the importance of informing the insurance company about our state of health at the time of signing the policy. But, is it necessary to notify the Insurance if we fall ill?

The truth is that no. The Insurance Contract Law states that the insured is not obliged to communicate the variation of the circumstances related to their health status , once the Insurance is in force. Furthermore, it underlines that in no case will deterioration of health be considered as an aggravation of risk. If you are interested in the subject, here we tell you more details about the subject.

Understands the Law, that the risk of getting sick and that age makes a dent in our health should be calculated at the time of signing the policy.

Other circumstances that increase the risk of death
Another thing is that the circumstances of the insured change and these changes increase the probability of suffering an accident. If the risk increases due to a job change or a new risk hobby, it is mandatory to inform the company, which will review the policy and raise the price of the Insurance.

Insurance for Companies and other policies that protect your business

Starting a business, be it a store selling products, an establishment in which services are provided or a workshop, involves risks that go beyond the uncertainty of the entrepreneur for the future progress of the business. Today we want to delve into Business Insurance that can help you in case of suffering a loss in your business .

Undertaking a business is associated with the idea of ​​taking a risk. And the truth is that there are uncertainties before which an Insurance can do nothing. The entrepreneur will have to take the risk for his business and put the means to generate enough sales or does not decline the hiring of the services provided by his SME.

A Company Insurance is so that the employer can focus on those risks, and insurers take care of the rest of situations that can endanger your business.


In any company, accidents or unforeseen events may occur in which the client can claim responsibility from the employer, and some of these accidents can be fatal to the business.

Let’s see how the Business Insurance solutions to these situations, whatever the company or the type of activity insured.

Insurance for businesses of all kinds
we can verify the important contribution made by Insurance for the maintenance of all kinds of businesses after an accident. We are talking about 1,200 million euros a year in payments for the coverages of the insured companies.

Decennial insurance for construction and building
On the other hand, it should be noted that in the construction sector the law requires that the companies engaged in building to contract the so-called Decenal Insurance .

It is a policy of obligatory hiring that offers a guarantee of at least ten years to the buyers of the new buildings, especially for those who are going to be allocated to housing.

Circulation insurance for company vehicles
Another mandatory insurance that must be taken into account by the employer who uses a vehicle as a work tool is the Circulation Insurance , which becomes the compulsory third party insurance that we all know.

The Insurance of the cars, trucks and vans of the business, and the policies of the fleets of commercial and industrial vehicles of the companies, must include at least the coverage of a Third Party Insurance.

There are businesses, such as those in the transport sector, in which it is advisable to expand the coverage and cover with the Truck Insurance other situations related to the breakdowns of the vehicle or the integrity of the merchandise.

If you are interested, in our blog you can find more information about the interesting covers to insure trucks or the insurance for commercial vehicles hired by the self-employed .

Commercial Insurance: Coverages recommended for your company
Securing a business is not trivial. Think of a policy that can be of great help to any business that develops its activity in a local or office. They are Insurance designed to cover incidents that can affect an SME and significantly alter the progress of the business.


What does Third Party Car Insurance cover? Compulsory Civil Liability

When it comes to insuring a car, Third Party Insurance is the most economical option. It is a Basic Insurance, which includes the coverage of Compulsory Civil Liability required by law to be able to circulate. Although every time we find offers of policies to Third Parties with more guarantees and services incorporated. That’s why today we’re going to really see what Third Party Insurance covers for cars .

Obligatory Insurance is usually associated with this type of car policy. However, insurers have been offering cheaper basic insurances for some time , but they include more benefits to attract their clients. The idea is to attract those customers who do not want or can not spend more money to insure their vehicle with these offers.

Although Third Party Insurance does not cease to be, in essence, a compulsory Civil Liability Insurance for cars that will respond in the event of an accident that includes a third driver, for the damages caused to it, in case the accident has been caused by the driver of the insured car.

Obligatory Civil Liability in Automobile Insurance
The Compulsory Insurance covers the Civil Liability of the driver and the owner of the car (even if it is not the same person) for the damages caused to third parties in a traffic accident that has been caused by the insured.

When we talk about Third Party Damage , we mean:

Property damage
Damages produced in other vehicles (such as dents and damages caused to other cars), damage to other people’s property (damage to walls, lampposts, street furniture, etc.) and injuries or injuries to animals run over.

Car crash accident on street

Physical damages
It covers all types of injuries caused to other people involved in the accident, whether pedestrians, occupants of another vehicle or passengers of the insured car, with the exception of the driver.

It is important to point out that the compulsory CR insurance only covers the damages caused to the victims and that in no case will it compensate the person responsible for the accident for the damages it may suffer, either in their vehicle or in their own person.

For this reason, and to complement Third Party Insurance, it is advisable to incorporate a Driver’s Insurance in the policy, which at least offers coverage to the person behind the wheel of the car, regardless of their responsibility in the accident. If you are interested, we tell you how the Driver’s Insurance works in cars .

If what we want is to protect the damage that the vehicle may suffer, then we would have to increase the level (and also the price) and subscribe a policy of own damages . Here you have more information about this All Risk Insurance .

Limits to the indemnification of the Compulsory Insurance
The Civil Liability Insurance coverage for Third Parties offers a very broad coverage. Our insurer will be responsible for paying compensation for material and personal damages caused by the insured in an accident, but up to a limit set by law.

Currently, the maximum amount of coverage varies depending on the damage caused:

Personal damages
In the case of coverage for injuries to persons and compensation for death, the maximum amount per claim, regardless of the number of victims, is 70 million euros.

Property damage
Coverage for damages to other vehicles and goods is covered up to a maximum of 15 million euros in compensation.

It is important to know the limits of compensation, because if the amount contributed by the insurer was not enough to cover the civil liability of the driver and owner of the vehicle, he would have to personally assume the difference.

That, if you do not have a Voluntary Civil Liability Insurance , a supplement to Compulsory Insurance that practically all major insurers include. If you did not know, this post about Voluntary RC Insurance can be useful.

Exclusions of Third Party Insurance
Other exclusions from Third Party Insurance have more to do with the circumstances surrounding the loss. In this way, accidents that have occurred as a result of the consumption of narcotics or exceeds the alcohol rate are excluded from coverage.

If the car has been stolen and the thief causes an accident, the insurer would respond, but would repeat against the driver for the damage caused in the accident.

As you can see, there are several cases in which the Obligatory Insurance of the car does not cover. If you want to delve into the subject, this post about what Third Party Insurance does not cover will be very interesting for you.

Steps to follow to ensure the home with the best insurance

Securing the home where the whole family resides is one of those things that you can not take lightly. A misunderstanding or any detail of the policy that has been overlooked during the hiring of Home Insurance can become a problem in case of loss.

Sometimes, the rush to resolve the paperwork and the effort to find home insurance policies, make us sign a policy that does not have the necessary coverages or, the ones that are, are more limited than we think.

Therefore, it is convenient to take time to read all the clauses of the contract, clarify the doubts you have with your brokerage and not hire any policy. So that you do not make mistakes, today we guide you in the steps to follow to ensure your home with the best Insurance .

Step 1: Do you need to insure your home?
The first question you should ask yourself when considering hiring a Home Insurance is if this policy is necessary.

And the truth is that, when weighing everything that the insurer can solve in the event of a loss, you will probably come to the conclusion that securing your home or a second home is the most convenient.

Unlike other insurance, home insurance is not mandatory , but your coverage can take us out of more than one hurry. A policy can cover serious disasters such as a theft or a fire, but also offers solutions to other more frequent problems in homes, such as possible breakdowns of appliances or a leak.

In addition, many people forget a good Home Insurance offers coverage of Civil Liability that responds to the damages that we could cause to third parties or in the house of a neighbor. In short, securing your home is a good idea.

Step 2: What risks should your Home Insurance cover?
Before looking at offers, it is convenient to make a brief summary of the possible problems that should be covered by the Insurance. For example, depending on whether it is the usual residence or a second residence, the problems that may arise are different. This post about policies for holiday homes can be interesting if you are looking for an Insurance for your house on the beach.

The characteristics of the home also determine the risks to which it is exposed and gives us an idea of ​​how insurance can be. It is not the same to insure an old house as a modern apartment or a villa in an urbanization.

There are issues that arise during the contracting of the policy and that many people do not know. For example, if the house has a plot, should the garden be included in the Insurance ? And if we have pets, should we include a Pet Insurance in the policy? These are questions that you must ask yourself to evaluate the offers of the different insurers.

Step 3: How much is your home worth and the content insured?
Another important step in securing any home is to determine the value of the home and the assets that will be covered by the policy. In this assessment do not forget:

Calculate the value of the house or continent
In the valuation of the continent , it is determined what it would cost to rebuild the empty house, that is, the walls, ceilings, walls, floors … Important: this cost does not include the cost of land, only reconstruction.

For this reason, to establish a value of the continent, the square meters of the house are multiplied by the cost of construction, which is established according to the quality of the materials.

Calculate the value of the contents of the house
In this case, we must assess appliances, appliances and other belongings that are inside the house. The valuation must be made based on the current cost of replacement of each of the elements.

If you need help to make the assessment of the content , in our blog you can find tips to calculate the content insured in your home policy .

Jewelry, works of art and other items of value
If you keep jewelry, works of art or money at home, it is important that you let your insurance broker know. Many insurers exclude this coverage from conventional Home Insurance.

In these cases, it may be interesting to take out an insurance that covers these valuables, even if it is done independently of the policy of the rest of the house.

In the calculation of everything that will be covered by your insurance, it is advisable to be honest and not offer a valuation below the real, in order to save you a few euros in the premium.

When this happens, there is an underinsurance situation that could be disastrous in the event of a serious loss. Pay attention and do not forget anything when detailing the insured goods in the policy.

Changes in the house
If after some time, you have new assets in your home or decide to expand the home, you must tell the insurer so that your insurance incorporates those changes.

It is likely that this will be transferred to the price of the policy in one way or another. But if you do not communicate it, in the event of a loss, they will not be taken into account and will be left out of coverage. In this post , we explain it in more detail.

Step 4. Choose the Home Insurance coverages
Once the risks are determined, it is time to choose the insurance coverage of your home . In this step, you can find multiple offers from insurers to compare guarantees and prices.

However, if you do not want to waste time searching among insurers, we suggest you try our Home Insurance calculator . The advantage is that, in addition to being very easy, whoever compares insurance is not a robot, but a professional who, in addition to getting a good price, can advise you to insure your home with a custom policy.

Multi-Peril Insurance
In this step, if you already know what risks you want to cover, you may be offered the opportunity to cover each risk with a different insurance. However, it is more economical to contract a Multi-Peril Home Insurance that includes a wide range of guarantees and services under a single contract.

Companies specialized in insuring homes offer a wide range of Multi-Peril Insurance , which includes most of the coverage and incorporates services that may interest you.

Step 5. Services included in Home Insurance
In addition to coverages, other aspects related to the offer of insurers are increasingly relevant: coverages and value-added services .


5 reasons to hire a Fire Insurance for your home

Losing the house is one of the fears that most worries a family and a fire can cause our entire home to be reduced to ashes. Just to prevent this risk, it is already worth having an insurance. Today we want to show you the reasons that invite you to hire fire insurance for your home or for any home, beyond the desire for prevention.

The main reason that should encourage us to have a fire insurance for a house is the protection provided by the insurer before the possibility of the fire destroying our house due to an accident.

A Fire Insurance , with adequate coverage can help a family to recover from a disaster that is usually devastating. And the truth is that this situation is more frequent than you might think at first.

In addition, the price of a Home policy with adequate Fire coverage is within the reach of most families and, if the Insurance is commensurate with the risk, it offers much for the premium we pay. Do not forget that the house is the main investment of a family.

On the other hand, it is not just about covering a risk: we can also ask for the bank with which we make the mortgage on the house . Regardless of the need we have to protect our home, the bank will also protect the guarantee of your mortgage loans with that policy.

As you can see there are important reasons behind the hiring of a Fire Insurance for a home , a coverage that is normally subscribed within the Home Insurance. Let’s look at each of these reasons more in detail.

The risk of suffering a fire and losing the house
House fires are a fearsome risk for any home and statistics confirm that they are more frequent than you might think. The data reveal that each year insurers attend to around 17,300 fires accidents in residential buildings. We speak of more than 45 disasters related to the fire every day, only among the houses insured against fires .

In addition, in most cases it is necessary the intervention of firefighters, who in 2017 alone made 15,000 services for fires inside homes in Spain. This figure is 20% higher than that registered in 2015.

In some of these fires there are fatalities. The Association Tecnifuego AESPI estimates that fires in homes cause between 130 to 150 people deaths per year. In fact, in 2016, 133 people lost their lives in their homes because of the flames.

The reading that can be done of these data is obvious: the fires in houses constitute a real risk, that even has gone to more in the last times. Hiring a fire insurance for the home would be more than justified if we ignore the statistics.

A policy is not going to prevent a fire from happening accidentally, but it can help the owners to restore the damage caused by the flames in case of suffering such a sinister.

In fact, fire safety measures in homes is one of the pending subjects of Spanish homes, which makes it even more advisable to hire fire coverage for the home .

Fire insurance to get the mortgage on the house
But there are more reasons to include Fire coverage in the housing policy. In fact, those who have a mortgage are likely to have also subscribed to the Home Insurance with the Fire coverage , because at the time the bank asked for it when signing the loan.

And is that, regardless of the tranquility that gives the owner of a home to be protected by a fire insurance, a financial institution can force us to contract a home policy with this coverage to grant us the mortgage.

The Insurance of a House is optional , nobody can force us to insure the house by law. But those who apply for a mortgage loan to the bank are required to take out a Fire Insurance like the one that is included in practically all household policies, in accordance with the Law of Regulation of the Mortgage Market. Why? To cover the loan guarantee . In this post we tell you what Home Insurance you need with the mortgage .

Of course, it is not mandatory to buy the policy from the bank : you can hire a cheaper Home Insurance and save money on the policy, comparing offers from other insurers as we do in our Home Insurance.

It is important to point out that the insurance that must be contracted when signing the mortgage covers the continent of the dwelling, that is, the building itself, without covering its contents or the land. In this way, very specific risks are ensured, such as the explosion, fires and extreme weather events (floods, earthquakes, storms …).

In this sense, it is advisable to make a Home Insurance with reasonable coverage so that, that same policy, is truly useful in the solution of small and large claims that may arise in a house throughout the year.

If you have doubts about what coverage may interest you, in this post we tell you what are the main guarantees that should not be missing in a Home policy .

The insurance allows us to rebuild the house
A policy that insures your fire home is always a good option. In these cases, the insurance guarantees the contracted coverage of repair or even the reconstruction of part or all of the home. And having the possibility of rebuilding a burnt house is not little.

Did you know that suffering a fire in the home is, statistically, the domestic accident that more money means for insurers ?. Yes, the studies of the sector place this type of claims as the most “expensive” for insurance companies, with a cost per claim that comfortably exceeds 1,500 euros.

Taking into account that we speak of all types of fires, from the most serious to simple conats that cause minor damage to the house, it is a striking figure. In fact, it doubles the amount of the costs of home thefts , the second most expensive loss in the ranking.

Fortunately, suffering a fire at home is not among the most frequent accidents that insurers attend , although the risk of the flames causing havoc in our house should make us reflect on the convenience of including fire coverage in the home policy.

That without going to assess the threat that an accident of these characteristics can pose for family members.

Fire insurance can be very helpful if you have adequate coverage
As you already know, fire coverage in Home Insurance is the guarantee for which the insurer is committed to take care of any damage that may have occurred as a result of a fire in the insured home.

The condition of the policy establishes the limits of this coverage, although the normal thing is that the Fire Insurance covers the material damages caused by the flames and assumes those damages derived from the cleaning, salvage, demolition and extinction tasks that have been carried out. out in the house. All this makes hiring this Insurance a good idea.

Not all Fire Insurances are the same
However, it must be taken into account that any Multirisk of the Home may include Fire Insurance, although not all policies offer the same coverage in the event that the flames cause a small domestic catastrophe. As with many other guarantees, fire coverage is not the same for some insurers.

That is why it is important to read carefully the conditions of the contract before signing anything. In the case of this guarantee, it is important that the fire insurance is total, since the damage that can cause the fire in a house can be very serious and costly repairs.

The risk of hiring a Basic Fire Insurance
There are Basic Fire Insurance that barely cover the cost of firefighters and little else. This coverage would not serve much in the face of a medium serious fire disaster. In these cases, who pays the damages in the house, the household goods and appliances?

We must ensure that the policy will take care of that which is affected by the fire, including the material damage that the flames generate in our furniture and domestic

Scalability in business models

When we talk about scalable business models we can not stop mentioning the scalability in the mission of a company . This is one of the key points when talking about scalable business models . We can divide it into different business models, whether they are scalable or not scalable.

Non-Scalable Business
The consultancy , for example, is a business not scalable in which billing is calculated depending on the number of hours of service , so as to generate an increase in income would inevitably incur a parallel increase in costs.

For its part, a business is scalable as its revenues grow much more (exponentially) than costs do .

The fact that a business is not scalable does not mean that it is not viable, but that it will require more resources and time.

Apart from the economies of scale – suggested in the PEM through the associations’ strategy – thanks to which a better price can be obtained as a result of a large purchase volume, there are other ways to integrate scalability into a business , as we will see next:

Why is scalability important for your business?
Every business that prides itself on having scalability in good condition will know that it will be like a business that grows, expands and above all evolves . It is very important that we have good scalability in our business to be able to generate income with as little resources as possible. In addition to a good insurance within the different types of insurance for companies that we can find.

Types of scalable business models
Within the scalable businesses we can find different types that are divided into different formats.

The scalability has to do then, with the ability to show a business to generate recurring income or repeat sales . Transferred to the activity of mediation, we would find an example of scalability in the income generated through the automatic renewal of products and portfolio commissions.

On the other hand, the creation of secondary lines of products or services also make a business scalable, as in the case of Alexander Osterwalder’s book , which has been able to generate an additional source of income through a platform, the promotion and delivery of their workshops, applications and tools, subscription and sponsors.

Another way to make a business scalable is to find different synergies between the projects so that a database of one project facilitates the launch of another , such as cross-selling strategies and the request for references to attract customers.

how to reward our customers?

The development of actions to improve the loyalty of the portfolio is among the priorities of the Strategic Plan of Mediation and the mission of a company , and with it, the idea of ​​rewarding loyal customers, is to create loyalty among the least faithful and increase satisfaction. For this, the Plan suggests the design of specific and differentiated actions according to what is intended, such as birthday greeting, calling customers when the policy expires, Christmas gift and / or sending emails.


Customer promotion
There are opinions against this type of programs, considered in more of an expression of insecurity on the part of the company; unable to win over the customer by means other than these. The result is a labile and unstable “promotion client”, pending the option that gives the most (2) .

On the other hand, it is true that the current economic moment is leading to a more responsible consumption and towards a savings culture, which may imply the interest of consumers for loyalty programs (3) .

Exchange of value
The relational strategy that underlies any loyalty objective is none other than an exchange of value . Thus, while the client perceives that he has much to gain in the relationship with his supplier, he benefits from the value of that client and the profitability that he represents in his business.

In practice, it is about getting customers to go up the ladder of loyalty, to achieve the maximum possible “lawyers” who consume, recommend and defend the brand.



how to alleviate the loss of profits in case of loss

Well, we must not forget that even when we suffer contingencies that paralyze our activity and, consequently, our ability to generate income, we must comply with the obligations contracted with suppliers, customers and employees during the time this paralysis lasts. That is to say, we will have to take charge of the expenses of the business during this period in which we do not have income .

The contingencies that can cause this type of stops in the activity of an entrepreneur are very diverse in nature. It is found, for example, in meteorological phenomena such as floods. Or in more everyday situations such as the rupture of a pipe that leaves our hairdresser without water or floods our restaurant.

This type of contingencies are usually included in multi-risk insurance policies, which means that the costs of repairing the damage and, frequently, the reconditioning of the premises are covered by our insurer. However, often the repair of the damage and the rehabilitation of the establishment is prolonged over time, without us being able to maintain the activity even partially.

There is then an additional risk that the cessation of the activity supposes a loss of profits for the company. A situation that we can solve with the help of a loss of benefits coverage in our policy.

In the field of insurance, loss of benefits means situations in which, as a result of a claim covered by the policy, we have a stoppage in activity that reduces our revenues.

There are different types of coverage for loss of benefits, which may vary depending on the insurer that provides the coverage. In the case of , the modalities that can be hired are:


Daily compensation, a modality in which we will indicate in the policy the amount to be received for each day in which the business is paralyzed in the event of a loss covered by the policy. In this modality, both the total paralysis of the business and the partial stoppage are contemplated, although in the latter the compensation is adjusted in the same proportion as the activity is stopped . For example, if we suffer a loss in our restaurant that affects the dining room but not the cafeteria, the indemnity will cover the proportional part of the activity coming from the restaurant service, and will leave out the part of the cafeteria , since it is still functioning.

Fires: How does an insurance respond to fire?

The fire has been ignited in recent days with forest areas in various parts of Spain and this time, as has also happened in the past, the flames have affected residential areas and villages. In such circumstances, it is logical that the eyes turn towards insurance. Answer to? And the answer is: yes .

In fact, the insurance does not only respond when these events happen so media. Respond with continuity.

Each year, the insurance compensates damages produced by the fire in an estimated amount of 690 million euros or, if you prefer, 1.8 million euros a day are paid to customers who have suffered fire damage. This, to give you an idea, is like paying the full cost of 6,900 homes of average size and price. Each year, then, the insurance compensates damages equivalent to the real estate assets of a population of between 15,000 and 20,000 inhabitants.


Every year 1.8 million euros are paid daily to customers who have suffered fire damage

What about the agricultural and forestry areas?

The agricultural insurance is quite widespread but the forestry is still little in Spain (which, moreover, is a country that has very large forest masses). But you must know that, in any case, the forester is an insurance whose main objective is the re population, that is, the restitution of the forest mass damaged by fire (or by the wind, or by the snow, both can be so harmful as fire) to the situation that had before being attacked. It is, then, an insurance committed to the conservation of the forest mass. In regard to other possible insurance objects, such as animals, does not do anything we have explained the wide range of coverage that have this type of insurance, in which the fire has its role; while, of course, crop insurance covers this one in the event that it burns and is damaged or lost. Nor should we forget that among the coverage of your car you can find the fire, so if the flames have damaged it, you are entitled to compensation.

Certainly, to be able to collect from the fire insurer it will be necessary that before you have insured the good, or the cattle, or whatever. That is why it is important that the insurance is extended: where there is a lot of insurance, there is little loss.

Basic advice if you have been affected by a fire:

– Check if you have contracted an insurance policy for your home, business, agricultural facilities, business or vehicle. The most normal thing is that you find that the fire is among the coverage you hired (and, next time, ask when hiring).

– Check the contracted insured capital , as well as additional coverage such as those derived from eviction for security reasons, uninhabitable, accommodation and maintenance expenses, expenses for transferring the unaffected goods to a furniture repository. The insured capital is the maximum that they will pay you if you have lost everything, and the additional coverage can be of great help to you and yours.

– Try to make a list as detailed as possible of the damages suffered or property affected and document the damage, as far as possible, through photographs or videos.

– Contact your insurer , so that you can indicate the next steps to take. It is very normal that, in events that affect many people, such as large fires, your entity has even enabled a special telephone or communication channel.